Starry Stonewart in Minnesota Lake

 Starry stonewart (

Starry stonewart (

    Minnesota- Lake Koronis in Stearns County has been infested with starry stonewart, and local officials hope to prevent it from spreading any further. A grass-like algae, starry stonewart produces dense mats that interfere with recreational use, choke out native plants and reduce biodiversity. 

     Lake Koronis along with Mud Lake (the two are connected) are the only water bodies in Minnesota with known starry stonewart infestations, but some fear Big Detroit Lake is at risk.

     "We don't know much about this plant," said Steve McComas, owner of Blue Water Science in St. Paul. "It's not as well-studied as other plants. We don't know what the main [growth] drivers are- where does it do best? Where are there limitations? There are always barriers out there for plants, we don't know what they are for starry stonewart."

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