Water Hyacinth Clogs up Stockton

Water Hyacinth (en.wikipedia.org).

     CA- Stockton is covered in invasive water hyacinth, and the plant has grown so thick that boats in some locations can't even get to open water. 

     "Mostly, I just hang out here because, well right now, the hyacinth has got us all socked in," said Bill Bradley, whose yacht has been in Buckley Cover for about a month. 

     Most recently, the boat launch near Buckley Cove was shut down because of the invasive, causing an estimated loss of thousands of dollars a day, while Windmill Cove has likewise had its waterway choked by the invasive. "When we didn't have the hyacinth problem, we would have a lot of boat traffic and people would spend the night and come out and party and have a good time," said Carolyn Keeslar, office administrator with Windmill Cove. 

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