Grant Funding for Invasive Species

 Purple loosestrife, a problem invasive in Michigan (

Purple loosestrife, a problem invasive in Michigan (

     The Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program is now accepting grant proposals, with an estimated $3.6 million available. The program, launched last year, sets four key objectives for potential programs:

  • Preventing new introductions of invasive species through outreach and education.
  • Monitoring for new invasive species as well as expansions of current invasive species.
  • Managing and controlling key colonized species in a strategic manner.
  • Responding to and conducting eradication efforts for new findings and range expansions.

     "These grants offer a great opportunity to expand crucial efforts to battle invasive species in Michigan's woods and waters," said DNR Director Keith Creagh. Pre-proposals will be accepted until July 31, with full proposals due by Oct. 30. 

      For the full article, including links to grant workshops, check out the link available below.