Algal Blooms Begin

 Satellite image of a 2011 Lake Erie algal bloom ( 

Satellite image of a 2011 Lake Erie algal bloom ( 

     With rising temperatures, algal blooms are increasing across the country. Here's a short list of all the latest algal blooms and links to accompanying articles. 

     St. Paul, Minnesota, two dogs became ill from contact with algae in a Douglas County lake, one later dying. The sheriff's office is urging people using Red Rock Lake to prevent children and animals from entering the water. Link here

     Low water levels at Lake Chabot, California, have led to increased algal blooms, with three dogs dying from toxic algae exposure since December. Link here

     The National Park Service is warning visitors to avoid areas of Lake Mead currently affected by blue-green algae. Though levels the toxin microcystin are diminishing, the toxin still persists on sections of the lake surface and in coves. Link here

     A large algal blob off the shore of Jersey Shore has returned for another year. Visible from space, officials are still unsure whether the bloom is toxic. Link here