App Helps Control Invasives

  A screenshot of the app. 

A screenshot of the app. 

     In an effort to improve invasive plant monitoring, the "Alaska Weed ID" app allows users to take photos of unknown plants which are then sent to professional botanists (along with geographical information) for identification. The botanists, such as invasive plants instructor Gino Graziano, will then study the picture and reply to the sender concerning the species; if the plant is invasive the authorities will be called and alerted of its location. 

     "What we do with the information sent in is first, give to the appropriate land manager," said Graziano. "If it's state land, Department of Transportation land, the Kenai Refuge, Park Service land, whatever, we'll get to those land managers so they can make a decision about what to do."

     "We're hoping a lot of people will use this because it's a tool that could be really helpful for mapping new infestations of things and getting identification of plants that maybe you weren't sure about," said UAF Cooperative Extension Service program aide Janice Chumley. 

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