Starry Stonewort Found in Vermont Lake

     The first confirmed case of starry stonewart (Nitellopsis obtusa) has been confirmed in Vermont, in a small cove on the southeast side of Lake Memphremagog in Newport. The first new invasive discovered in the state since variable-leaf watermilfoil in 2008, starry stonewart- technically a macro algae though it appears like a plant- is thought to be native to Europe and western Asia.  

     First observed in the lake by Valerie Dillon, Vermont Invasive Patroller (VIP), the invasive was brought to the attention of the Lakes and Ponds staff in late June.  As part of the VIP program, volunteers are trained to identify aquatic invasive species that pose a threat to Vermont water bodies. 

     Starry stonewart was first reported in the U.S. in 1978, in the St. Lawrence River. 

     The original article is available here or through the link below.