A Desirable Duckweed?

 The Duckweed Survival House (image via ubergizmo.com)

The Duckweed Survival House (image via ubergizmo.com)

     No, it's not the little plant commonly confused with algae, the one that often blankets freshwater surfaces. This Duckweed (the Duckweed Survival House to be exact) is the name designers Zhou Ying and Niu Yuntao gave to their new design of life raft.  

     With a covered top and submerged gas tank (the tank increases stability and provides desalinized water) the design aims at increasing the visibility and survivability of those stranded at see. Capable of being easily attached to other Duckweed Survival Houses, the tethering ability of the Duckweed furthers improves its stability and visibility. 

     Though there are currently no plans to actually produce the Duckweed, the design one the 2015 Red Dot Award. 

     The original article is available here, or through the link below.