Water Hyacinth Found in Massachusetts' Pond

 Water hyacinth bloom (Muhammad Mahdi Karim, en.wikipedia.org). 

Water hyacinth bloom (Muhammad Mahdi Karim, en.wikipedia.org). 

     Someone in Attleboro, Massachusetts, planted an invasive species in Lees Pond last week, and thanks to a neighbor officials have already been alerted. Water hyacinth, recognizable for its beautiful flower when it blooms, is a pretty pernicious exotic species. 

     "I'm sure they thought they were doing something beneficial for the pond," said Tara Martin, conservation agent. "But it's a horrible invasive species. It's beautiful, but it's a killer." Native to South America, water hyacinth is capable of blanketing water bodies, using up available oxygen and blocking sunlight to the flora and fauna beneath. 

     Martin believes the invasive can be removed before it becomes established in the pond. 

     For the full article available from the Sun Chronicle, click here or on the link available below.