Progress in Local MI Phragmites' Fight

 Phragmites australis (

Phragmites australis (

     (MI) A tour conducted by Saginaw Bay Resource, Conservation and Development led several members of a cooperative invasive species group through three trouble areas in Arenac County. In the tour Sandy Drive, White Beach and the Eagle Bay Marina were all areas troubled with invasive phragmites that had made improvements due to chemical treatments.

     "It's one of our better success stories with phragmites in general," said Curt Holsinger, manager of natural resources at the Chippewa Nature Center in Midland. "It makes me feel like there's a glimmer of hope of future [sic]."

     The phragmites, which are being replaced by native species, were managed with aerial applications of herbicides. "We did this by aerially spraying, which let us do a lot more acres in a lot less time," said Dawn Hergott, Arenac County Conservation District Administrator. "It only took them three hours instead of three days. The only problem is you're going to kill everything you fly over."

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