Texas War on Invasives Shows Progress

 Salvinia Weevil  Cyrtobagous salviniae  (dnr.state.il.us).

Salvinia Weevil Cyrtobagous salviniae (dnr.state.il.us).

     Last spring, Texas state lawmakers allocated $6.5 million to fight invasive plants in local waterways, and the non-native plants are no small problem for the Lone Star state. Zebra mussels have recently reached Lake Dean Gilbert and Waco Lake (and are already present in six others), while giant salvinia has been identified in Brandy Branch, Lake Gilmer and Lake Fork in east Texas. 

     "It's hard to say one is worse than the other," said Josh Havens, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department spokesperson, referring to the invasive plants. "We're gearing up for fighting all the different types coming up in this next calendar year."

     Entering its second year, the project employing giant salvinia weevils to fight the infestation on Caddo Lake has shown promise. "There was damage," said Lee Eisenberg, biologist with the Caddo Biocontrol Alliance, referring to the result of the weevil's appetite. "There's a lot of water that has opened up."

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