$1.5 for Invasive Species Prevention

 The corm of water chestnut ( Elocharis dulcis ). Credit: public domain, wikimedia.org

The corm of water chestnut (Elocharis dulcis). Credit: public domain, wikimedia.org

     Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Paul Smith's College and the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation are receiving $1.5 million collectively towards invasive species removal, protection and outreach projects. Water Chestnut, in particular, is a problem for the area.

      "The problem with [water chestnut, an invasive species] is that they can blanket a water body. They are leafy plants and they can completely cover the water body and prevent light from getting through," said John Martin, spokesperson for the EPA.

     Grants totaling over $12 million have been awarded to 28 projects throughout the great lakes region from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which awards up to $300 million a year for projects throughout the state.

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