Michigan 2016 Invasive Species Funding

 2016 Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program.

     An estimated $3.6 million will be available this year through the Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program. A joint effort between the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Quality, and Agriculture and Rural Development, the program was launched in 2014 to help prevent and control invasive species. The handbook for the 2016 season- outlining focus areas and information on how to apply- is available on the DNR website here.

     "Preventing invasive species from being introduced to or gaining a foothold in Michigan is of the greatest importance to protecting our world-class natural resources and outdoor recreation opportunities," said DNR Director Bill Moritz. "We are eager to provide this vital funding to our community partners who are just as strongly committed to battling these land and water invaders."

     The program has four key objectives:

  • Preventing new introductions of invasive species through outreach and education.
  • Monitoring for new invasive species as well as expansions of current invasive species.
  • Managing and controlling key colonized species in a strategic manner.
  • Responding to and conducting eradication efforts for new findings and range expansions.

     The original article, with more information about grants, is available here or through the link below.