Massachusetts' Water Body $3.9 Million "Lakelift"

 Stockbridge Bowl, the "Great Pond." Credit: Chamberednautilus,

Stockbridge Bowl, the "Great Pond." Credit: Chamberednautilus,

     The future health of Stockbridge Bowl, or the "Great Pond" as the 372 acre water-body is also known, is in dire straits. Within a few weeks, the Stockbridge Bowl will be hit by the annual flourish of its Eurasian watermilfoil infestation, and this, coupled with 70 years of silt buildup, will seriously impair the water-body's use.

     "The weed growth has been persistent and the sediment filling critical parts of the lake is getting to the point where it will be Stockbridge Bog instead of Stockbridge Bowl soon," said Richard Seltzer, president of the Stockbridge Bowl Association. 

     The project, which will take place over several years, is currently in the second part of its fundraising campaign; $300,000 in support still needs to be raised to reach the finish line for the second phase of cleanup (the $2,750,000 finish line, that is). 

     With dredging to take place in 2017-2018, followed by a 5.5 foot drawdown to expose the watermilfoil's roots to freezing temperatures, the Association also plans to install a diversion drain as part of their "3-D" program (diversion drain, dredging and drawdown). 

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