Moosup Pond to Receive $12k Herbicide Treatment

 Moosup pond during its annual "Panther Plunge." Credit:

Moosup pond during its annual "Panther Plunge." Credit:

     25 acres of Moosup Pond, Connecticut, will be receiving an herbicide treatment to proactively control its variable-leaf watermilfoil infestation. The third application in the past seven years, Selectman believe the treatment will keep the pond in optimal conditions for the next several years. 

     "The pond looks great and we're just being proactive," said Selectman Paul Sweet. "It's a one-day thing, with people being allowed back on the beach and in the water 24 hours after it's applied." 

     Describing the invasive plant as "furry, underwater Christmas trees," Jeff Megin, president of the pond association, spoke about the origin of the invasive watermilfoil. "The plant was developed for aquarium use and got into ponds and lakes, probably from an aquarium dump. They take over an area and push out the native plants, which are necessary for a fish's life-cycle." 

     For the full article from the Norwich Bulletin, click here or on the link available below.