Starry Stonewart in Michigan Lakes

 Mount Patterson seen from Lobdell Lake, credit:

Mount Patterson seen from Lobdell Lake, credit:

     "Starry Stonewart is a non-native macro algae that has quickly spread across inland lakes of Michigan," said Eric Bacon of the Aquatic Nuisance Control of Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality. "Most notably across southeast Michigan and the southern half of the Lower Peninsula."

     Now present in lakes such as Lobdell, Fenton and Byram, the algae can reach heights over 2 meters, and local experts are worried that the plant will reduce the diversity of local flora, as well as impede the movement of fish, spawning activity, and water flow. 

     "The presence of Starry Stonewart has impacted the native plant community, which fish species rely upon for habitat, and may be negatively affecting fish spawing areas of lakes in Michigan," said Bacon.

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