Utah Lake Contamination Sickens Over 100

 A cyanobacterial (blue-green algae) bloom. Credit: nhpr.org

A cyanobacterial (blue-green algae) bloom. Credit: nhpr.org

     "It smells like something is rotting," said Jason Garrett, water quality director for the Utah County Health Department. "We don't have an idea of how long this event will last." The toxic algal bloom has been in Utah Lake-- and the news-- for a few weeks now, and so far around 130 people have been sickened (calling in with symptoms like diarrhea, headache and rashes).

     While Utah Lake does not provide drinking water, the contamination has spread to Jordan River, which is a major source of irrigation water for farmers around Salt Lake City. "We've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on this crop, maxed out every dollar we have," said Luke Petersen, a local farmer. "We're real worried about it."

     Recreation on the lake has taken a huge hit, and any businesses related to it; the Bonneville School of Sailing has had to cancel more than a dozen trips. "This will be a real hit," said co-owner Todd Frye.

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