Algae and Water Quality Management

Phoslock® Plus SeClear* Solution

     Reduce algaecide input and applications by up to 70% while providing a better solution for phosphorus and algae management.  Incorporate strategic applications of Phoslock plus SeClear as needed during the growing season to improve algae control and water quality.

Phoslock Use Guidelines

  • Static to no flow; use the low rate of Phoslock
  • Intermittent flow, stormwater/retention pond; use the high rate of Phoslock

Note:  For high flow water bodies, contact your SePRO Aquatic Specialist.

Algae/Phosphorus Descriptor

  • Low (Mesotrophic):  Periodic algae blooms, phosphorus levels <25 ppb
  • Moderate (Eutrophic):  Frequent algae blooms/mats, cyanobacteria levels >10,000 cells/mL, phosphorus levels 25 - 96 ppb
  • High (Hypereutrophic):  Persistent and chronic algae blooms, cyanobacteria >20,000 cells/mL, phosphorus levels >96 ppb

For more information about Phoslock plus SeClear, contact your SePRO Aquatic Specialist or call 1-800-419-7779.

*Trademarks of SePRO Corporation.  Phoslock is a registered trademark of Phoslock Water Solutions, Ltd.  Always read and follow label directions.