Phoslock Treatment for Phosphorus Reduction

Insights, ideas and observations from the Aquascape Environmental team.

     Our team recently assisted one of our clients in solving a pressing problem with their lake. The lake was exhibiting hypereurotrophic characteristics (frequent and severe nuisance algal blooms and low transparency). In particular, this lake has experienced repeated blooms of various forms cyanobacteria (aka blue-green algae) including Mycrosystis. This type of algae can produce toxins, which can produce adverse effects in fish, waterfowl, pets, livestock and in certain cases humans. Water quality testing revealed that the lake had extremely high phosphorus levels, a typical cause of hypereurotrophic conditions. The accumulation of free reactive phosphorus in the water column and bottom sediments it not uncommon in older impoundments in urban watersheds.

     To address the problem, we consulted SePRO Corporation to determine an appropriate application of Phoslock®, a phosphorus reducing product. In order to “reset the ecological clock” in the lake (in other words, to return the water body to a much lower phosphorus level), Phoslock was used to permanently bind free reactive phosphorus in the lake. This is a relatively new technology that has proven to be both safe and effective. Read more about how it works here. Follow-up water quality testing will be done within 30 days of the application.

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