SePRO Aquatics Adds Algae and Water-Quality Specialist Willis

     SePRO Corporation’s commitment to advancing the science of aquatic plant and water resource management took another leap forward with the addition of Ben Willis to the company’s research and development department. Willis adds a high degree of expertise to SePRO’s algae and weed control line of technologies as an Aquatic Research Technician.

     Willis, a Shelby, North Carolina native, was awarded a bachelor’s degree in 2010 from Western Carolina University (NC) in Environmental Science while focusing on natural-resource management and chemistry. While subsequently earning his master’s degree from Clemson University in 2012, Willis wrote his thesis on assessing sediments following copper-based algaecide applications and, as a graduate research assistant, specialized in developing and assessing mitigation strategies for nuisance algae. Willis is an active member of the South Carolina Aquatic Plant Management Society, having presented numerous times on algal identification and copper analysis, and is a Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society graduate research grant recipient.

     While SePRO was established on its aquatic weed control technology, the company recently established the Water Quality and Technology division and is investing significantly into innovations in areas like algae control, which have kept the company at the forefront of comprehensive water-quality management. Along with the continued development of its existing portfolio, SePRO has recently launched the algaecides SeClear™, Captain® XTR and PAK® 27, as well as a new technology to remove phosphorus from aquatic systems, Phoslock®.

     Each product offers a new advancement in technology and an improvement in management practices. For example, SeClear is the first of its type, being an algaecide and water quality enhancer all in one product. Along with these, there are several more product concepts under development for water resource managers. Willis’ experience applying the science behind the products in the field will offer a unique perspective to further research and development and enhance the high level of technical expertise SePRO customers have come to expect.[p]

      SeClear and Captain are trademarks of SePRO Corporation. Phoslock is a registered trademark of Phoslock Water Solutions, Ltd. PAK 27 is a registered trademark of Solvay Chemicals. Always read and follow label directions.