Win the fight against algae and aquatic weeds this season with SePRO Solutions

Irrigation districts and canal companies are responsible for delivering water to millions of acres.  This task is difficult enough without aquatic weeds and algae getting in the way.

Win the fight this season with the right Vision, Science and Solutions from SePRO—and Keep Your Water Moving!


Captain XTR Aquatic Algaecide is now labeled for SLUG treatments

 Captain XTR pre-treatment (left) and post-treatment (right)

Captain XTR pre-treatment (left) and post-treatment (right)

Proactive algae control applications with superior technologies from SePRO no longer require long treatment durations—just measure, pour, and go.  Go for the knockout with Captain® XTR slug treatments to win your fight against algae!

•    Best in Class, patented formulation
•    INFUSION Technology for 50% better algae control
•    Treat more canals per day


Nautique Aquatic Herbicide

 Nautique pre-treatment (left) and post-treatment (right)

Nautique pre-treatment (left) and post-treatment (right)

SePRO Technical Specialists will work directly with your district to design an aquatic weed treatment program that incorporates Nautique and other tools as needed to meet your aquatic weed control objectives.

•    Now labeled for SLUG applications
•    Uniquely formulated to maximize control
•    Alone or in combinations for broad-spectrum of weeds


Losing the battle against aquatic weeds? Try a better approach.

Has your weed control budget taken a beating the past few seasons?  Historically, irrigation districts and canal companies have relied on the application of one chemistry for control in their systems—in the past with acrolein (Magnacide H®) and more recently with endothall (Cascade® or Teton®).  However, research and field experience has proven that applying a combination of Nautique® or Captain XTR with endothall (Cascade or Teton) can provide numerous advantages to an aquatic weed control program.

Combination treatments deliver broad-spectrum control, quicker knockdown, better reliability, and improved economics.  When one punch isn’t enough, hit it with a combination!


FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question:  How far do slug treatments of Captain XTR travel in a canal?

Answer:  There are multiple factors that can impact travel distance; water velocity, water quality, biomass, and application rates.  However, slug treatments of Captain XTR typically travel effectively between 10 - 15 miles.

Question:  When doing combination treatments with Nautique or Captain XTR and endothall, do I mix the products together in one tank?

Answer:  No.  Do not mix the neat products together or mix them in one tank.  Apply Nautique or Captain XTR and endothall separately; but at the same time, duration, and location.

Question:  How long does it take for results to occur with combination treatments?

Answer:  Symptoms can be seen as early as the day of application, but full results are typically achieved 48 - 72 hours after the initial application.

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Always read and follow label directions. Captain and Nautique are registered trademarks of SePRO Corporation.  Magnacide H is a registered trademark of Alligare, LLC.  Cascade and Teton are registered trademarks of United Phosphorus, Inc.