Captain XTR Algaecide.

Captain® XTR is the best available technology for the control of all algae types.

Captain® XTR is optimized to increase the penetration of copper into algae cells, enhancing the efficacy of the product. This formulation is especially impactful when targeting tough to control mat-forming, colonial, and mucilaginous species. Waters treated with Captain® XTR may be used for swimming, fishing, watering livestock, and irrigation of food and non-food crops (e.g. turf, ornamentals) during and after application.

Algae Control through Infusion

  • Copper infusion rate is impacted by specialized formulation technology
  • Captain® XTR Infusion results in more copper penetrating algae cells, improving the control of unwanted species
  • Captain® XTR offers enhanced performance on challenging species, such as Lyngbya, Oscillatoria, Microcystis, Pithophora, Rhizoclonium, and Nitellopsis obtuse (Starry stonewort)

For more information

For more information about Captain® XTR Algaecide or assistance in designing a treatment prescription, contact a SePRO Technical Specialist.

 Filamentous algae, starry stonewart and microcystis are all controlled by Captain XTR Algaecide.
 Application rates, how to apply, and targeted algae, for Captain XTR Algaecide.