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You have enough on your plate. Let a professional applicator focus on the results.

Sonar is a proven solution that's been used for more than 23 years.

At SePRO, we understand that you want your lake or pond to look its best. Our team of industry-leading experts and scientists guarantee Sonar's performance*.

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With Sonar, you get:

  • Season-long weed control*
  • Full access to our experts and support team
  • A guarantee* from an aquatics industry leader

In short, you’re getting a level of support that you can’t get anywhere else.

At SePRO, we focus on innovative solutions for aquatic weed control, so you have less to worry about. 

Get rid of weeds*Go Sonar.

*Applies to weeds controlled that are indicated on the product label. Must follow recommended prescription and/or label instructions.

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