K-TEA Algaecide.

Product Overview

Delivering performance and application flexibility, K-Tea's chelated copper formula is the best choice for eliminating troublesome planktonic and filamentous algae from a variety of water bodies including golf course and ornamental ponds. Years of use have proven K-Tea® to be an ideal go-to for eradicating green and blue-green algae.

At the First Sign

  • Apply K-Tea® at the first sign of algal bloom for quick, effective control
  • Combine with herbicides for broad-spectrum control of nuisance algae and aquatic weeds
  • Use on a wide range of algae, including Cyanophyceae (blue-green), Chlorophyceae (green), Diatomaceae (diatoms), and Protozoa (flagellates)

Enhanced Flexibility, Without Sacrificing Efficacy

  • Can be applied in a variety of ways on or beneath the water surface for broad-spectrum control of green and blue-green algae
  • Ideal for use anywhere algae presents a problem water treated with K-Tea® is immediately available for recreation, drinking, livestock watering, and irrigating golf courses, crops, and ornamental plants
  • Effective even in hard water

For more information

For more information about K-Tea Algaecide or assistance in designing a treatment prescription, contact a SePRO Technical Specialist.  May not be registered in all states.  Always read and follow directions.