Littora Aquatic Herbicide.

Product Overview

Rainfast in 30 minutes, Littora® is a versatile, fast-acting, contact herbicide that controls unwanted floating, emersed, and submersed aquatic weeds in the water and along shorelines.

Localized Control, Fast Results
Interfering with photosynthesis within green plant tissue, Littora is ideal for use on tough nuisance and exotic plants such as Parrot Feather, Coontail, Curly Leaf Pondweed and Lily Pads.

Littora's diquat-based formula is immediately absorbed into the plant and begins working in minutes. Designed for use in fish, golf course, ornamental, and swimming ponds, Littora is safe for use in water bodies containing aquatic wildlife.

  • Floating and emersed weeds controlled in 1 to 5 days, submersed weeds in 15 days

For more information

For more information about Littora Aquatic Herbicide or assistance in designing a treatment prescription, contact a SePRO Technical Specialist.  May not be registered in all states.  Always read and follow directions.