Stay the Course with Proactive Management

Springtime in the Pacific Northwest brings sun, rain, and warmer temperatures—a perfect situation for growing turf.  These same conditions are also excellent for producing algae and aquatic weeds.  While many Golf Course Superintendents take proactive measures in their agronomic programs, very few take that same approach when it comes to managing water bodies.

The early stages of growth for algae and aquatic weeds are visually difficult to monitor, typically keeping them out-of-sight and out-of-mind until it’s too late and a reactive response is required. Start early and stay ahead this season with the following proactive solutions from SePRO: SeClear, Phoslock, and SonarOne.

SeClear Algaecide and Water Quality Enhancer – Get ahead of the algae, start early and commit to a maintenance program now.  Apply 5 gallons per acre, every 2 - 4 weeks.  SeClear is the only algaecide and water quality enhancer that provides effective control of algae while reducing phosphorus levels with each application. The result is longer control, improved water quality, and reduced maintenance through time.

Phoslock Phosphorus Locking Technology – Excessive levels of phosphorus in water can put your program at an early disadvantage.  Hit the reset button with Phoslock to permanently bind phosphorus and shift water quality to your favor.  Phoslock, the best solution for nutrient pollution!

SonarOne Aquatic Herbicide – Spring applications of SonarOne provide early control and optimized performance.  A program as simple as 6 lbs. of pellets per acre can keep your ponds weed free all season long.  Get it done with SonarOne!

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question:  When do I use SonarOne?
Answer:  If submersed (and sometimes floating) weeds are a problem.  This formulation has been designed for easy dosing and all site conditions.  Controlled release equals no guesswork.  Flow…no problem.

Question:  Is there a difference in Sonar formulations?
  YES!  As an example, one difference between Sonar Genesis® and Sonar® A.S. is the speed of availability of Sonar to the plant.  Sonar Genesis is a true liquid and therefore is available to the plant immediately and even has foliar uptake capability. SonarOne® is a granule formulated to release slowly over many weeks and is proven to increase root uptake.

Question:  Can some algae respond better to different algaecides?
  YES.  Spriogyra, or silk algae, can often respond better to SeClear Algaecide and Water Quality Enhancer®.  Lyngbya wollei and other algae with thick protective coatings can benefit from Captain® XTR, the only algaecide formulated to effectively penetrate through this layer via INFUSION.

Question:  Does SeClear Algaecide and Water Quality Enhancer have any other benefits to my algae management plan other than reducing algae?
  YES.  SeClear is the only EPA approved dual capability formulation that can bind nutrients and control algae.  This reduction in nutrients through programmatic use makes algae more susceptible to the copper components (short-term) and algae blooms will become less frequent and intense over time (long-term).

Komeen image.jpg

Question:  Why has Komeen Crystal been more effective than liquid products?
  Komeen Crystal (granular) starts releasing from the bottom; the dose begins at the sediment/water interface and works up the plant leaving less to regrow.  Additionally, this formulation allows for the best possible spacial application (a shoreline, a targeted spot, a single cove, etc.).

Changing your approach to pond management is the first step.  Don’t take the same old approach, battling the same old problems reactively.  Start early and win the battle proactively!

For more product information or help with program development, contact your SePRO Technical Specialist:

Micheal Pearce at 509-385-3549 or via email,

 Michael Pearce

Michael Pearce

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