Pond Colorants

     SePRO pond and lake colorants are highly concentrated, non-toxic blends of environmentally friendly dyes designed to impart stunning blues and blacks to your lake or pond. SePRO colorants are great on their own or as part of an algae or weed control program. 

Pond Management 101

  • The best results are attained when an integrated approach is taken
  • Keep fertility away from ponds to prevent runoff
  • Use fertility with low or no phosphorus to prevent feeding algae
  • Leave a buffer of natural plant species around ponds
  • Limit geese population
  • Use dyes to limit light penetration to algae and weeds, every 30 days

     SePRO Corporation has been a leader for the past 20 years in acquiring, developing, manufacturing and marketing value-added products, especially aquatic products. The aquatic products outlined here represent the most dependable tools available today for successfully managing aquatic weeds, algae and water quality.