Let the Professionals care for your water body

Connect with a qualified SePRO Preferred Applicator in your area.

The Stewards of Water Professionals will provide you high quality and effective solutions for water resource management projects. Whether you are looking to assess a water resource, design a prescription plan or implement a restoration program—SePRO Corporation and its network of Preferred Applicators provide the expertise and solutions to preserve our most precious natural resource: water.

Stewards of Water Professional Service Providers will get the job done right, SePRO will guarantee* it!

Professional service providers qualifications include:

  • Pre-screened professionals
  • Experts in aquatic resource management
  • Trained in best management practices
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Guaranteed by SePRO Corporation 

Please provide your information and we will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your project and connect you with a Stewards of Waters Service Provider in your area.

 SePRO Preferred Applicators - The Stewards of Water

SePRO Preferred Applicators

SePRO and its Preferred Applicator partners are the Stewards of Water, we are recognized leaders in the battle against invasive weeds, toxic algae, phosphorous and many other threats.

SePRO Preferred Applicators are vetted through a rigorous process to ensure they meet the very highest standards of water conservation. All SePRO Preferred Applicators are committed to protecting, restoring and enhancing valuable water resource and their dedication to serving the aquatics industry and the environment is reflected in their utilization of the latest advances in training, technology and sustainable solutions.

With the best interests of water bodies in mind, each member business is committed to the following:

Preferred Applicator Code of Conduct

SePRO has established guidelines to enhance product stewardship and increase professionalism in the industry. To be a member of the Preferred Applicator Network and be called a Steward of Water, participants must:

  • Conduct themselves with honor and integrity. Preferred Applicators don’t make decisions outside their area of expertise, they agree to conduct business in an honest, professional manner, and they agree to cite credentials and references properly.
  • Place quality of service above material gain. Preferred Applicators place the highest priority on quality of service, agreeing only to use approved methods and registered products. All products are applied in accordance with state regulations and according to label directions.
  • Strive to improve competency. Preferred Applicators remain current on new skills and knowledge and participate in the training and development of new managers. They work continually to improve the status of the profession and the industry within their communities.
  • Be responsible. Preferred Applicators agree to complete all terms of any agreement and ensure all agreements are in writing and understood by all parties. They place priority on honesty in all business transactions.
  • Maintain ethical standards of conduct. Preferred Applicators ensure compliance with ethical standards. Acting in the best interests of the environment and local communities, they agree to report all observed unethical behavior to the appropriate authorities.