SonarOne and Done! Weeds managed for a season equals happy customers! Why wouldn't you?

Changing your mindset is the first step. There are two schools of thought regarding Springtime management: 1) continue the same old approach, battling the same old problems as they pop up or 2) stand up to this tiresome battle and take a proactive approach.

We know the predictable and troublesome weeds: hydrilla, slender spikerush, eelgrass, hygrophila, bladderworts, duckweed and many more.  What have we learned about managing these weeds?  Control them systemically, early, or spend the whole season chasing them instead of going after new business.  To make matters worse you could be spending more time and money cleaning up the secondary issue created from a contact herbicide approach—algae.  How many times have you seen decaying weeds on the surface become the haven for algae?  Or treated submersed weeds with diquat only to come back to a massive algae bloom?

Start Early, The One and Done Method

Be the leader this season, and champion for your customers.  Early spring is the optimal time for a Sonar® application to keep weeds from becoming a season-long problem.  A program as simple as 8 lbs. of SonarOne® pellets per acre in ponds can provide season-long submersed weed control, or let me create a site-specific prescription.  Get started now!  


Komeen® Crystal Aquatic Herbicide quickly became the go-to solution for fast spot and partial treatments of hydrilla, Illinois pondweed, and eelgrass with no irrigation restrictions. The new formulation is here and better than ever!  Popularity is growing, so place your order now with an authorized SePRO Agent.

Algae your headache? You need the Hammer & Broom Approach.

Improving Algae and Water Quality Management

The Hammer: Captain® XTR
Pound tough algae with INFUSION technology.  Get started with Captain XTR Algaecide that delivers more copper to the algae cells providing a faster knockdown and better control, then:

The Broom:  SeClear and SeClear G Algaecide and Water Quality Enhancer®
Sweep away the nutrient, continue to fight algae. Initiate a SeClear maintenance program (every 2 - 4 weeks) to strip nutrients while continuing to control algae.

If tough algae shows back up, switch back to The Hammer that visit.  Always have Captain XTR in your truck!

SpringTip: To kick your phosphorus reduction up another level, integrate 3 - 5 bags of Phoslock® Phosphorus Locking Technology per treated acre. The more phosphorus you can lock up, the better.

Pounce on the newest SePRO Technology!

TIGR® Herbicide.  For your invasive grass issues this spring!  TIGR has received a 24(c)-Special Local Need Label in the state of Florida for selectively removing grass species around your desirable littoral plants.  No more hand pulling of Torpedograss or brown shorelines trying to control it.  With a few simple applications, Torpedograss will be controlled for the season.  Stay tuned for more on this exciting new technology.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question:  When do I use SonarOne?
Answer:  If submersed (and sometimes floating) weeds are a problem.  This formulation has been designed for easy dosing and all site conditions.  Controlled release equals no guesswork.  Flow…no problem.

Question:  Is there a difference in Sonar formulations?
  YES!  As an example, one difference between Sonar Genesis® and Sonar® A.S. is the speed of availability of Sonar to the plant.  Sonar Genesis is a true liquid and therefore is available to the plant immediately and even has foliar uptake capability. SonarOne® is a granule formulated to release slowly over many weeks and is proven to increase root uptake.

Question:  Can some algae respond better to different algaecides?
  YES.  Spriogyra, or silk algae, can often respond better to SeClear Algaecide and Water Quality Enhancer®.  Lyngbya wollei and other algae with thick protective coatings can benefit from Captain® XTR, the only algaecide formulated to effectively penetrate through this layer via INFUSION.

Question:  Does SeClear Algaecide and Water Quality Enhancer have any other benefits to my algae management plan other than reducing algae?
  YES.  SeClear is the only EPA approved dual capability formulation that can bind nutrients and control algae.  This reduction in nutrients through programmatic use makes algae more susceptible to the copper components (short-term) and algae blooms will become less frequent and intense over time (long-term).

Question:  Why has Komeen Crystal been more effective than liquid products?
  Komeen Crystal (granular) starts releasing from the bottom; the dose begins at the sediment/water interface and works up the plant leaving less to regrow.  Additionally, this formulation allows for the best possible spacial application (a shoreline, a targeted spot, a single cove, etc.).

 Michael Shaner

Michael Shaner

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