Sonar Aquatic Herbicides, featuring Sonar A.S., Sonar RTU, Sonar Q and SonarOne.

Sonar, SePRO's flagship aquatic solution, comes in several distinct formulations to tackle the toughest nuisance aquatic vegetation, such as watermeal or duckweed.  Together, all the formulations make Sonar a versatile solution, fit for nearly any environment.

Sonar A.S.

Ideal for water bodies with minimal flow, Sonar A.S. (Aqueous Solution) delivers results with a simple, one-time application, allowing golf course superintendents to easily treat nuisance weeds and get back to managing turf. With a liquid formulation that spreads throughout the water body, Sonar A.S. is designed for whole pond or lake treatment. 

Sonar RTU

Sonar RTU (Ready-to-Use) comes in an easy-to-apply bottle that can be added from the shore and requires no mixing or spray equipment.  Designed with simplicity in mind, Sonar RTU's no-hassle application is ideal for the do-it-yourself aquatic applicator.

Sonar Q

Sonar Q delivers Sonar's active ingredient on a fast-releasing pellet, allowing more accurate placement and targeted contact with undesired plants.  Rapid pellet expansion allows the product to remain buoyant on sandy or firm bottoms, avoiding complications from organic tie-up.

Sonar One

Sonar One's pellet formulation delivers an effective dose to targeted plants within the first day, while providing a longer-lasting residual than Sonar A.S. The easy-to-apply pellet formulation eliminates overspray onto sensitive shoreline vegetation, making it ideal for golf courses and other landscapes with highly maintained vegetation. 

Season-Long Control

Sonar is the most effective solution available for controlling duckweed, watermeal and many other undesirable aquatic weeds.  Sonar eliminates unwanted vegetation from lakes or ponds for a year or longer.  

By inhibiting the development of chlorophyll-protecting yellow pigments, Sonar allows sunlight to destroy chlorophyll, which in turn limits the plant's ability to make food.  This delivers gradual, selective control of target weeds, allowing desirable vegetation to re-establish itself while preventing oxygen depletion.  Some precautions may apply for irrigation. See the product label for use directions.

  • 30 to 60 days to control established weeds, full results within 90 days.
  • Visual confirmation of Sonar’s action, as chlorosis, or bleaching, gradually appears on the growing points of treated plants.   

For more information

For more information about Sonar Aquatic Herbicide or assistance in designing a treatment prescription, contact a SePRO Technical Specialist.  May not be registered in all states.  Always read and follow directions.